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Home / Latest News / CEEG was invited to participate in the 2023 Shenzhen Nuclear Expo

CEEG was invited to participate in the 2023 Shenzhen Nuclear Expo

On November 18, the four-day "Nuclear Gathering in the Bay Area and Powering the World" Second China Nuclear Energy High-Quality Development Conference and Shenzhen International Nuclear Energy Industry Innovation Expo (referred to as "Shenzhen Nuclear Expo") concluded successfully! As the world's largest nuclear energy industry event, the conference brings together many of the world's top 500 energy companies and leading companies in the nuclear energy industry, and nearly a hundred industry media and mass media gather here.

Innovation is the core value of Zhongdian Electric Company. At the exhibition, China Electric's booth comprehensively displayed amorphous alloy dry-type transformers, open-type dry-type transformers for energy storage, household energy storage integrated machines, and other products and solutions. Sales staff and technical experts carefully explained this to the visitors at the booth. , introducing product functions, advantages, and usage scenarios, and communicating with several industry partners on-site to lay the foundation for subsequent in-depth cooperation.

At the technology conference, transformer technical engineer Zhu Gong and intelligent power distribution R&D director Ding Gao gave a wonderful sharing. The two experts relied on their rich project experience and practical experience in the field of transformers and photovoltaic energy storage to share in depth the open dry type for energy storage. Transformers and smart energy storage solutions attracted widespread attention from the audience and attracted reports from many media organizations in the new energy, energy storage, and other industries.

At the exhibition site, the cooperative media of Nuclear Expo interviewed Mr. Lian Junshan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Electric. Secretary Lian introduced the development philosophy and technical core of China Electric and the company to the audience and explained in detail the vigorous development of new energy in the country. In the context of the industry, China Electric has made forward-looking plans to build green energy-saving transformers, launching "photovoltaic + energy storage" system solutions, and vigorously developing smart transformers and smart power distribution rooms.

Thirty-three years of continuous exploration and accumulation have allowed every solid step of China Electric to converge into shining achievements. With scientific research and innovation as the core drive, and craftsmanship as the internal combustion kinetic energy, "China Electric High-speed Rail" is on the road to green development. With lightning speed.

So far, the four-day Nuclear Expo has come to a successful conclusion. Go on a new journey and start a new future! China Electric has lived up to expectations and moved forward with a great reputation. Thank you to all the visitors and colleagues who came to the CEC Electric booth, and to our partners for their trust and support. China Electric has embarked on a new journey with full harvest. Facing the future, China Electric will continue to uphold the responsibility and mission of “exporting high-quality power to the world” and deliver green power to thousands of households and industries. Looking forward to seeing you again next time!