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Product Center
CEEG takes product leadership, technology leadership, and cost efficiency leadership as its development strategy, and is committed to meeting the real needs of customers and creating more economic value in household/ industrial and commercial/grid-side energy storage.
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Commercial & Industrial ESS
Grid Side Container ESS
Residential ESS

Company Profile

Ceegess is a world-leading manufacturer of all-in-one solar energy storage systems and solar photovoltaic cell modules. It covers an integrated industrial chain from batteries and components to downstream system development and investment layout.

50000+ Customer Service
80+ countries Global Deliveries
15+ foreign branches
6.5GW Gross Installed Capacity
Israeli project 36Mw solar power plant
Israel's 36MW solar park is expected to generate an average of 40,000 MWh of electricity per year, meeting the needs of 11,000 households. 144,000 modules are installed on the northern side of Nagato Farm (approximately 54 hectares).
Central African Republic 20Mw Solar P
The 55MW solar park in the Central African Republic is tocated in the village of Banindji near Bria, covering an area of 60 hectares and with a single unit capacity of 550w. This project, owned by Ceegsun Solar Energy is promoting the development of solar energy in the Central African Republic market, providing green power to end users and changing the proportion of local energy The 25-year linear power warranty guarantees the long-term stable solar power generation of the project, which eynected to deperste an average. of 74:724 MWh ner vear and offset an average of 59 770 tons ner wear.
AlliedPower 74.5MW Solar Farm in South Africa
South Africa's AlliedPower 74.5MWMW solar farm is one of the largest n-type TOPCon solar farms in South Africa. The project started construction in May 2022 and was completed and connected to the grid in April 2023. Ceeg Solar's use of cutting-edge energy storage products is one of the key cores of a sustainable system. The solar farm's 74.5MW power generation capacity is expected to generate approximately 80,000 MWh of green electricity per year. This huge output is equivalent to providing sustainable electricity to approximately 18,000 four-person households.
Japan Ando-Hazama2.3Mwh PV Power Station
The project is located in the Ando Hazama Health Science Project in Japan and is constructed by Energy Systems Limited (ESL). It has an installed capacity of 2.3MkW photovoltaic modules. To ensure that the center's operations are not affected by power shortages during an unexpected pandemic, the institution has established an uninterrupted, cost-effective solar system to increase the sustainability of medical research.
Qinghai Golmud 573MW Solar Park
The Golmud project is located on the Gobi Desert 30 kilometers east of Golmud City, Qinghai Province, covering a total area of 1.6314 hectares. It is the goal of the Golmud Photovoltaic Industrial Park to build a new highland for the national clean energy industry.
CEEG business
CEEG ESS Solutions
CEEG can provide customers with complete system solutions from the power generation side, and the grid side to the user side, including demand analysis, solution design, system integration, installation and commissioning, and other life cycles.
Providing families with an
energy-independent lifestyle.
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Commercial & Industrial
Provide solutions for small and medium-sized industries and businesses.
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Utility-Scale Solar
We can provide solutions for large-scale photovoltaic power plants.
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CEEG's products can provide technical expertise and solutions for hydrogen production.
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Trending News
CEEG carries out cooperation and exchanges with Nanjing University of Science and Technology
School-enterprise cooperation creates the future with intelligence | China Electric and Nanjing University of Science and Technology carry out industry-university-research cooperation and exchanges
CEEG’s 2024 New Year Marketing Annual Conference concluded successfully!
Dealing with Uncertainty with Certainty | CEEG’s 2024 New Year Marketing Annual Conference and 2023 Advanced Commendation Conference concluded successfully!
CEEG assists the country’s first 10,000-ton Narisong hydrogen production step-down station
This project uses the ZHSS-12000/35 24-pulse IGBT hydrogen production rectifier transformer independently developed, designed, and manufactured by CEEG.