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Energy Storage Step-up Substation

The Energy Storage Step-up Substation integrated with
Converter can cover 6kV to 35kV on the high-voltage side,
and AC voltages from 0.315kV to 0.69kV on the low-voltage side.

Max Capacity
Application Scenarios One
Wind Power
Application Scenarios Two
90 days
Lead Time
Turnkey Solution
Integrate PV inverter, transformer, and switchgear in one unit, Integral commissioning from the factory, saving time for on-site installation and intermodulation Containerized shell, no need for special spreader, easy transportation and lifting.
Strong Environmental Adaptability
Strong anti-corrosion capability: The containerized shell uses highly weather-resistant steel plates with better corrosion resistance than regular carbon steel. Thermal insulation: The internal shell is equipped with a heat insulation board, which has good fireproof, heat insulation, and heat preservation effects. Ventilation and heat dissipation: Specially designed air inlets prevent dust and sand effectively.
Flexible and Diverse Product Solutions
Designed to fully meet the actual needs of customers and provide them with satisfactory one-stop solutions.
High Reliability and Safety
Uses epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers, which are flame-resistant products with no explosion or fire hazards. Dry-type transformers have passed C2, E2, and F1 tests conducted by the National Transformer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.
Low Investment, High Returns
Reduce investment by 15% to 20% compared to the conventional "inverter room + photovoltaic box transformer". Reduce the number of installation bases from 2 to 1. Save 50% on installation and commissioning time. Save cables for connection between inverter rooms and photovoltaic box transformers by using copper bars between inverters and transformers, Save two low-voltage switchgear units between inverters and transformers by optimizing structure.
Main Application Scenarios
Scenario One: Energy Storage for Photovoltaic Power Plants. Scenario Two: Wind Power Plant Energy Storage Application

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