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60-240kw DC EV Charger

60-240kw Floor-mounted DC EV Charger

Output Power
IP Rating
Networking mode
Touch screen
Human-computer interaction
7 inch Screen
Screens show EV car charger's electricity consumption, current, voltage, hours, etc
Electricity exposure detection
Build in type C type B RCD leakage protection: detect all leakages from cars.
Low standby power
Low standby power consumption, the whole machine’s standby power consumption is less than 0.1%, reducing operating costs;
Smaller footprint
High power density, smaller size and smaller footprint;
Real time monitoring
Managing system for observing charging data, warning information and history, etc.
App control starts and stops ev cars charging, makes appointment for charging
Wide output voltage
The output voltage range is wide, 200V~750V, applicable to more models;
Safety protection
Perfect safety protection, disconnecting the AC side during emergency stop, more reliable;

FAQ's :

Floor-standing DC chargers generally charge faster than AC chargers. The specific charging speed depends on the power of the charging pile and the connected electric vehicle. The charging power of our floor-standing DC charging piles can reach tens of kilowatts or even higher, which can fully charge electric vehicles in a short period of time.

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