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Residential ESS Off Grid

Ceegess 5.5KW All in One Energy Storage System Off Grid One Phase Low Voltage

15.36 Kwh
Max Capacity
6 units
Maximum Parallel Machine
Cycle Life
4 types
Environmental friendly
solar energy storage integrated machine is a kind of clean energy, no pollutants will be produced during use, no need to use fossil fuels, friendly to the environment, can effectively reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and help protect the environment.
The solar energy storage integrated machine can convert solar energy into electrical energy for storage, which can save electricity bills and reduce the cost of electricity for households and businesses.
The solar energy storage integrated machine can be expanded according to the demand, and the number of solar panels and battery packs can be gradually increased to meet the electricity demand of different scales.
The solar energy storage integrated machine has a high degree of reliability and stability, and can provide reliable backup power in the event of a power outage, ensuring that the power consumption of homes and businesses will not be affected, and at the same time improve the stability of power consumption.
The solar energy storage integrated machine can realize automatic control, can start and stop control at any time according to actual needs, can adapt to different power loads, and improve the flexibility and adaptability of power consumption.
Meet Ceegess 10KW Off Grid Solar Kit, the all-in-one hybrid solar power center that can handle anything you throw at it. as a fully independent system to deliver power to remote off-grid locations.

FAQ's :

•If your household's average daily power consumption is 10kwh;
•Calculated based on our maximum capacity of 15kwh, it can theoretically supply power to your household for 1.5 days.;
•However, considering the battery's charge and discharge efficiency and other losses, the actual power supply time may be slightly reduced.

The maximum load is 5kw, which can usually satisfy the simultaneous use of multiple household appliances, but the number that can be used simultaneously needs to be determined based on the power of each appliance.

•Off-grid energy storage integrated machines usually have high installation and maintenance convenience.
•These all-in-one machines are usually designed to be integrated pre-tested and debugged at the factory. The installation process is relatively simple.
• In terms of maintenance, the integrated design of the all-in-one machine makes maintenance work simpler, and users can more easily perform daily inspections and maintenance.
•However, the specific ease of installation and maintenance will be affected by various factors, but we will have a professional after-sales team to provide you with free online support.

When we evaluate the cost-effectiveness and investment return period, we usually need to consider purchase and installation costs, operation and maintenance costs, energy prices, policy support, etc. Our products usually have a return period of about 3-4 years, thank you!

•Battery Management System (BMS): Using a high-quality battery management system can ensure the safe operation of battery components, monitor battery status, and prevent problems such as overcharge and over-discharge.
•Fireproof design: Use fireproof materials and fireproof isolation measures to isolate the energy storage system from the surrounding environment to reduce fire risks.
•Overvoltage protection: Install an overvoltage protection device to automatically cut off the power supply when the voltage exceeds a safe range to protect batteries and electrical equipment.
•Waterproof and moisture-proof: Waterproof design and materials are adopted to ensure the safe operation of the energy storage system in humid environments.
•Overcurrent protection: Install an overcurrent protection device to prevent excessive current from damaging electrical equipment.
•Temperature control: Keep the temperature of the energy storage system within a safe range to avoid safety issues caused by excessive temperature.
•Electrical safety: Double insulation and grounding protection are used to ensure the safety and reliability of electrical equipment.

•Residential homes: Provide backup power for residential homes, which can provide continuous and stable power support during power outages or unstable power to ensure quality of life.
• Rural electrification: Provide reliable power support to remote areas or villages, improve the situation of insufficient or unstable local power supply, and promote local economic development.
• Outdoor camping: Provide power support for campers, campsites, etc. to meet the power needs of outdoor activities and provide convenience and comfort.
• Emergency backup power supply: As an emergency backup power supply, it can provide power support in natural disasters or emergencies to ensure the normal operation of infrastructure and living facilities.
• Microgrid: It can be part of the microgrid, connected to the grid or run independently to provide energy regulation and stability support for the microgrid.

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