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Service terms & conditions.

(1) Product coverage: Including CEEG solar inverter, CEEG energy storage integrated machine, CEEG solar panel, and Ceeg LiFePO4 Lithium.

(2) Country and Region coverage: Global.

(3) Warranty claim: in general, serial number(S/N)must be provided in order to claim warranty. The standard warranty period is 10 years from the date of installation, and no more than 5 and a half years from the date of delivery from the Ceeg factory

(4) Please store the original purchasing invoice/ installation documents or receipts carefully. Customers need to present it for warranty claim if required.

(5) Warranty commitment validity: strictly according to the formal sales contract signed with Ceeg. If there is no sales contract signed, then the Terms & Conditions on the Ceeg Warranty Card, and this service commitment document shall be in use.

Ceegess service commitment

(1) The service hotline for Ceeg's local service center varies, please check our local service center in your country/region. The service hotline in Nanjing headquarters is +86 18779146223. Our service hotline offers general inquiries, technical support, etc.

(2) Service email address: The customer is suggested to contact a customer service representative in your country/region directly.

(3) Warranty period and service mode. We offer different service solutions for different products, see details in the below table

Note: If the warranty period was specified on the sales order, then the warranty period would obey to sales order.

(4) Installation and commissioning: Ceeg doesn’t offer installation service, don’t offer onsite debugging service for monitoring devices.

Response time commitment

Remote technical support service

(1) Offer 365*7*24h remote technical support service.

(2) Response within an hour once receiving a telephone inquiry from the customer. Response in 2 hours once received an inquiry via email from a customer.

(3) For devices returned for repair, repair & dispatch in 3 business days once received.

Field service response

If there is a field service obligation in the contract, Ceeg will respond according to the contract.

Spare parts supplement scheme

(1) By the sales record, Ceeg ensured a safe quantity of spare parts in each spare parts center. This helped us build a fast response to replacement requirements.

(2) With a safety level spare parts supplement, generally Ceeg can dispatch service replacement out in 2 business days.

(3) Once the agreed warranty period (5 years standard factory warranty, or extension warranty) has expired, Ceeg can still offer spare parts to the customer, with a price not exceeding the previous order price on the contract. Customers are eligible to order any product spare part from Ceeg. We would offer spare parts at a reasonable price to ensure the stable performance of Ceeg products.

(4) If Ceeg is going to cease production of a product or accessory, Ceeg would inform the direct purchaser formally with at least 6 months leading time.

Freight cost

(1) Ceeg takes on the freight cost for products under warranty (Note: this is only to the devices’ original selling country/region). Customers take on the custom clearance costs incurred.

(2) Customers take on the freight cost and other sort of related costs for warranty expired or voided products.

Other important notice

(1) Customers can contact Ceeg via phone, email, instant messaging App, etc. Customers are required to follow Ceeg’s instruction to fill in a Warranty Claim Form and send it to us via email, or fill in the Warranty Claim Form online via Ceeg Online Service System, as instructed by Ceeg. Here is the basic information required for warranty claims:

1) Product Model, Serial Number.

2) System configuration details (Panels per string, number of strings, parallel or in series scheme, grid category, grid voltage rating, grid frequency rating).

3) Fault description (Error message or error code on LCD. Pictures, or other fault information)

Note: Ceeg reverses the right to reject the warranty claims without the necessary information. In this case, it’s the customer to responsible for the loss or any other consequence.

(2) Standard warranty service is provided for products with a valid warranty. It’s excluded from warranty are damages due to:

• Breaking the product seal / opening the casing without permission from Ceeg

• Transport damage

• Incorrect installation or commissioning; For example, incorrect DC or AC pole wiring/connection, loose DC or AC pole wiring/connection, which leads to the damage of the inverter.

• Failure to observe the user manual, the installation guide, and the maintenance regulations

• Unauthorized Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs

• Incorrect use or inappropriate operation

• Insufficient ventilation of the device

• Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations

• Force majeure (e.g., lightning, overvoltage, storm, fire) For warranty invalid products, Ceeg would charge for service, for example, spare parts cost, and labor cost for products. Or according to the maintenance contract, if there is a maintenance contract signed.

(3) The above terms & conditions (together with the warranty card in product packing, and the affixed warranty documents) had described all responsibilities for products Ceeg sold, it removes the other apparent & hint guarantee. Without formal document confirmation, Ceeg would not be responsible for any responsibilities beyond this warranty term. When a product is in use under warranty, Ceeg’s responsibility is limited to service replacement and service repair according to the warranty terms & conditions, with no further assurance, obligation, or responsibility. If specified by law, Ceegess would perform per the law.

(4) OEM products are not applicable with this warranty terms & conditions. Warranty for OEM products should comply with the contract.

Please note that Ceeg reversed the ultimate explanation right on this service commitment