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232Kwh C&I ESS

Ceegess 232KWH Liquid-cooled Energy Storage System Commercial and Industrial Application

Nominal Capacity
Life Cycle
IP Rating
PCS Efficiency
Modular assembly
Modular layout, flexible deployment, splicing, and assembly according to actual needs, speeding up on-site construction Speed, reducing floor space, and effectively reducing cost investment, occupying only about 2.3m²
Better efficiency
The energy storage system adopts an AC string design, which fundamentally solves industry difficulties such as battery circulation. The system conversion efficiency can reach up to 93%
Run efficiently
No isolation design improves system efficiency Independent single cluster battery, no circulation, reducing power loss
Carry out arbitrage by using peak and valley electricity prices in different time periods
High security
Multiple fire protection design guarantees, combined with fire prevention and fire protection, effectively realize fire protection separation between modules and energy storage units Leave. Multiple redundant protections for ultimate security
Intelligent management system, 24H system performance monitoring, real-time safety warning, periodic system System automatic inspection
Energy Backup
Powers a facility when the grid goes down, or application in areas without electricity
Capacity Firming
Smooth out the intermittency of renewables by storing and dispatching when needed

Why choose us?

Highly integrated ESS for easy transportation and O&M; All pre-assembled, no battery module handling on-site; 8 hour installation to commission
Ultimate security
C5 anti-corrosion, IP55 dustproof and waterproof; Multi-level battery protection layers formed by discreet standalone systems offer impeccable safety
Intelligent liquid cooling ensures higher efficiency and longer battery cycle life; Front Cable Entry, save cable tray; Integrated battery performance monitoring and logging

FAQ's :

•Energy density: Our products have an industry-leading energy density of 179.4wh/kg, which can store more energy in a limited space.
•Cycle life: Our products can have a cycle life of 8000+, usually other manufacturers only have 6000+, we are ahead of most peers.
•Temperature management: Our energy storage system has a better temperature control system, which can effectively maintain the system operating temperature at 15-35°C, improving the performance and life of the system.
•Charge and discharge efficiency: The charge and discharge efficiency of the system is 95%. High efficiency means less energy wasted and more cost-effective

The investment return cycle of industrial and commercial energy storage systems will be affected by a variety of factors, including system cost, energy cost savings, government subsidies and incentives, energy market conditions, system efficiency and lifespan, etc.
•Generally speaking, the investment return period of industrial and commercial energy storage systems is usually about 5 years.

Our industrial and commercial energy storage systems are generally highly adaptable and flexible and can meet the needs of different users. This flexibility is reflected in many aspects:
•Capacity scalability: Energy storage systems with different capacity specifications can be selected according to user needs, and usually support system expansion and can support 6 units in series.
•Diversity of application scenarios: It can be used in a variety of application scenarios, such as peak reduction, load smoothing, backup power, etc., to meet the energy management needs of different users.
•System configuration flexibility: Different system components and parameters can be configured according to user needs to adapt to different power systems and environmental conditions.
•Operation mode adjustability: The operation mode and strategy of the energy storage system can be adjusted according to actual needs to improve the flexibility and efficiency of the system.

Our design is divided into shell protection and internal protection:
•Shell protection: Our exterior adopts three-dimensional integrated protection, C5 anti-corrosion, IP55 PACK protection, IP55 dustproof and waterproof, which can be used in high temperature, high color, cold and high humidity environments;
•Internal protection: thermal runaway early warning device, water immersion detection, system water fire protection, pack-level gas fire protection, air pressure sensing, 2-hour bulkhead fire resistance, aerosol fire protection

We have an intelligent operation and maintenance platform: it can realize real-time interaction of cloud platform data, and has functions such as fault warning, safety warning and life prediction.

•Energy storage: Energy storage systems can store renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, as well as electricity during off-peak periods on the grid, so it can be used when needed.
•Energy management: Flexible management of energy can be achieved through energy storage systems, including energy storage, release and distribution, thereby improving energy utilization.
•Emergency backup: The energy storage system can be used as an emergency backup power supply to provide continuous power supply when the power grid is outage or malfunctions.
•Grid support: Energy storage systems can provide grid support services, such as frequency adjustment, peak and valley filling, etc., to improve grid stability and reliability.
•Electric vehicle charging: Energy storage systems can be used at electric vehicle charging stations to store energy and charge electric vehicles when needed, improving charging efficiency and convenience.
•Microgrid: Energy storage systems can be combined with renewable energy and traditional energy sources to build a microgrid system to provide reliable power supply.

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