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Home / Latest News / CEEG’s 2024 New Year Marketing Annual Conference concluded successfully!

CEEG’s 2024 New Year Marketing Annual Conference concluded successfully!

The auspicious rabbit bids farewell to the old year, and the dragon gate is waiting for the new year. On February 19, 2024, China Electric's 2024 New Year Marketing Annual Conference and 2023 Advanced Commendation Conference with the theme of "Dealing with Uncertainty with Certainty" was grandly held at the Yangzhong Production Base. The purpose of the meeting is to systematically summarize the company's operating conditions in 2023, commend and reward advanced collectives and individuals in production and marketing, and arrange and deploy work tasks for 2024. Lu Tingxiu, founder and party secretary of China Electric Group, Dr. Lu Han, chairman and president, company senior leaders, heads of functional departments of the operation center, workshop representatives, all marketers, business representatives, and commended advanced individuals and advanced collective representatives attended the Meeting.


01 Work report

At the meeting, President Lu Han gave a report on the theme of "Working hard on internal skills, putting efficiency first, practicing hard on external skills, and innovation is the soul".


President Lu Han reviewed the key tasks in 2023 and pointed out that in 2023, the company had insight into trends, followed the trend, and made great progress in organizational optimization, technological innovation, market expansion, brand building, and talent introduction. Regarding the work tasks in 2024, President Lu Han proposed to work hard on internal skills to lay a solid foundation for "stability"; put efficiency first to enhance the momentum of "advance"; practice diligently on external skills to ignite the passion for "running"; innovation is the soul and improve " "Broken" quality and effect.


02 Commend advanced

Examples condense the strength of struggle, and iron soldiers sharpen their ambitions. Sun Xiaowu, chairman of the board of supervisors and chairman of the labor union, read out the "China Electric's Commendation Decision on Excellence and Excellence in 2023".


03 Summary speech

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Lu, the founder and party secretary of China Electric Group, made a concluding speech. Mr. Lu expressed warm congratulations to the advanced groups and individuals who were commended. He reviewed and summarized the achievements of China Electric in 2023, pointed out existing problems and deficiencies, and made specific arrangements for key tasks in 2024.

Mr. Lu pointed out that in 2023, despite the pressure from the international and domestic environment, China Electric still bucked the trend and delivered an exciting performance from multiple dimensions such as sales performance, production capacity, innovative research and development, and tax payment. The reverse strength report card!


Mr. Lu emphasized that the journey is not over yet and the progress will never stop. 2024 will still be a year full of uncertainties. The world economic situation is still full of challenges and domestic economic recovery is still full of obstacles. Mr. Lu is very optimistic about the huge difficulties that will be faced in 2024. , severe challenges and market opportunities were analyzed in detail, and clear deployment was put forward from the aspects of business objectives, factory capacity, after-sales service, talent and team training, digital transformation, high-quality development, etc., and all employees were required to clarify certainty and enhance self-confidence; keep in mind The three magic weapons for crossing the cycle; moving towards the numbers, growing towards the new, and continuing to carry forward the fine style of hard work. In 2024, every CLP employee must strive to be a source of power and strive to create new brilliance in marketing work!