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Home / Latest News / CEEG delivers integrated optical and storage system to South Africa

CEEG delivers integrated optical and storage system to South Africa

On October 25, CEEGEnergy Storage Containers departed from CEEG Power’s production base and were sent overseas again! The successful delivery of this order marks another expansion of the company's energy storage business overseas and is of great strategic significance to CLP Electric in accelerating its expansion into the global energy storage market.

In the global low-carbon context, the green and digital economy has become an important starting point for Chinese enterprises to participate in international cooperation and competition and implement the "dual circulation" strategy. As one of the "new infrastructures", energy storage has developed vigorously in recent years and is expected to become a new star connecting the world in the future. 2023 is not only a critical period for the scale of China's energy storage, but also the year when China's energy storage goes overseas. Chinese optical and storage companies are accelerating their overseas expansion and are playing an important role in filling energy gaps, improving energy stability, and reducing carbon emissions.

The optical storage integrated machine sent to South Africa this time has a system integrated with lithium iron phosphate battery cluster, PCS, isolation transformer, STS, ATS, EMS, etc. In the early stage of the product, the design and development process is strictly followed. The system's electrical equipment is selected, EMS management strategy and network topology programming are carried out according to the owner's design needs, the rationality of the structural design, and the temperature rise of the whole machine are reviewed technically to fully ensure the reliability of the product. , technology leadership. With multiple advantages such as high safety, stronger cost reduction, and efficiency improvement, the product has been widely used in various scenarios such as photovoltaic distribution and storage, wind power distribution and storage, thermal power storage, industrial and commercial storage, and other scenarios.

In recent years, CEEG has unswervingly followed the "domestic and international dual cycle" development path, with product exports continuing to maintain substantial growth, and the proportion of overseas revenue in total revenue continuing to increase. Up to now, it has successfully delivered the Mongolian Bodi International stacker and reclaimer project, the Indonesian Surabaya MSE paper mill IX35MW self-provided power station project, the Philippine steam turbine power generation unit project, the Japanese Kashiwazaki project, the Thai Dingheng 115kV substation project, and the Indian LANJIGARH 130MW steam turbine project. Co-generation project, APEQ New Zealand gold mine project, Malaysia NSCI waste heat utilization project, and many other overseas projects.

Storage wins the future and creates a zero-carbon world. CEEG will continue to stay at the forefront of the energy storage industry, give full play to its advantages in energy storage application technology and project experience, seize overseas market opportunities, deepen its global layout, accelerate its pace of overseas expansion, continue to make breakthroughs in global competition and provide safer and more reliable solutions for global construction. Reliable, efficient, green, and intelligent energy storage equipment and solutions allow green power to benefit thousands of industries and households.