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Home / Latest News / CEEG shipped 25 sets of household energy storage all-in-one machines to Europe!

CEEG shipped 25 sets of household energy storage all-in-one machines to Europe!

On the morning of October 12, a freight truck loaded with China Electric’s household energy storage all-in-one machine slowly left Nanjing and arrived at the foreign trade port for shipment to the European market, bringing European users a new experience of smart, flexible, safe and reliable household green energy use.

Those who have the same ambitions should not let the mountains and seas be far away. After reaching the intention of cooperation, the sales staff of China Electric Energy Storage Division communicated with customers across time differences through the Internet and conducted a large number of timely and effective email exchanges and video conferences, making every effort to dispel customers' various doubts and actively promote project progress.

After the contract was signed, the delivery deadline was tight. The project team members worked together to overcome difficulties and ensure the rapid progress of project development in an orderly manner. The workshop worked overtime to schedule production to ensure that the product manufacturing process was more efficient.

The rapid expansion of overseas territory is inseparable from the strength of excellent products. Zhongdian Electrical Energy Storage All-in-one Machine truly starts from the user's perspective, deeply integrates household scenarios, and uses independent unit modules to provide users with design-free, one-stop services.

1. The system has 24-hour load monitoring and supports mobile APP remote control, which visualizes home energy management and can effectively assist users in optimizing energy management and maximizing power station benefits.

2. The product supports the EPS function, which is fearless of power outages and switches seamlessly within 10ms to ensure the stability of power consumption.

3. The product has passed VDE, TUV, CE, and other authoritative certificate certifications. The battery has a 10-year warranty, IP65 protection, and is safe and guaranteed.

4. The product adopts an integrated structure and stacked design, which is easy to install and integrates architecture, technology, and fashion.

CEEG has been leading the field of solar photovoltaics for more than 20 years. The products are exported to the Americas, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other parts of the world, and are used in the world's largest single photovoltaic building integration project at that time, the roof photovoltaic project of Nanjing South Station of China's Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, the photovoltaic project of the United Nations Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, Key projects at home and abroad include the 4.3WM photovoltaic power station project in Puglia, Italy, and the 10MW photovoltaic power station project in Cornwall, UK.

Under the guidance of the "double carbon" goal, CEEG focuses on market demand, continuously innovates and iterates product technology integrates photovoltaic technology accumulated over the years with energy storage, and launches "photovoltaic + energy storage" system solutions. Through a complete product system and high-quality market services, we can flexibly meet the differentiated needs of different customers. Promote global green development and build a better future together. CEEG will continue to use green energy to light up thousands of households and help them achieve a low-carbon life.