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Ceeg Hydrogen
The hydrogen production rectifier transformer produced by CEEG can improve the efficiency of electrolytic water, reduce comprehensive power consumption, and improve operational reliability. All performance indicators meet and exceed the latest standards. Three main application scenarios of hydrogen production rectifier transformer: 1. multi-pulse three-phase bridge thyristor rectifier system, 2. three-phase bridge diode rectifier+IGBT chopping system, 3. three-phase bridge PWM rectifier+DC/DC chopping system
Project References
Ningxia Muhe ESS
Ningxia Muhe 200MW/400MWh energy storage project SC(B)-3450/38.5kV epoxy cast dry-type transformer.
Tibet Zanda
Zanda 20MW photovoltaic energy storage project (elevation 3800 meters) SC(B)-2300/36.5kV epoxy cast dry-type transformer.
Gansu Minqin ESS
Gansu Minqin 42MW/84MWh photovoltaic energy storage project SC(B)-2500/35kV epoxy cast dry-type transformer.
Ordos Hydrogen
Ordos hydrogen production project ZHS-12000/10kV oil-immersed rectifier transformer.
Our Strengths
High-temperature resistance: It has achieved an industry-leading level, based on DuPont's Nomex® insulation system and 7-stage temperature control technology.
Maintenance-free: Adopt 7-stage temperature control technology and reasonably select matching accessories. Transformers use life can be 30 years.
High overload: The load capacity is 20% higher than that of conventional products.
No leakage: All sealing components are made of acrylic ester. Fluorescence, positive pressure, and negative pressure leak tests are used to ensure that there is no leakage when the transformer is working.
Low noise: The noise is 3-10 dB lower than the GB standard.
Variety: The product portfolio is complete, fully covering the design and production of all types of rectifier transformers in the hydrogen production field.